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Solar Electric Mechanical Robot Dog

Solar Electric Mechanical Robot Dog

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The solar robot dog toys are assembled by DIY small parts, which can enhance the hands-on ability and creativity of kids;

This  bionic works robot dog is driven by the small gears of the motor to drive the large gears, and you can learn the principles of mechanical operation.

As long as there is sunlight after the assembly is completed, the solar panel converts light energy into electric energy to drive the motor and gears to rotate so as to convert electric energy into kinetic energy.


Recycling: Green technologies,No batteries required.

The front and rear limb activities are designed by bionic concept, it's lovely as a real puppy.

Bionic limbs are alive and well.

Smart assembly, easy and fast!

No screwdriver, glue or wire!

Handmade DIY Creative assembly;



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Our Story

The story started when I was a child. The golden wheat fields, the clear river water, the free-flying birds, the rolling mountains and rivers, and the rainbow after the rain all made me see the magical world. In recent years, nature has been destroyed, global warming, and glaciers have melted. 

The world is equal, and human beings and nature should live in harmony. I hope we can contribute to the protection of the environment and small animals, we should start from me! 

I am an ordinary Chinese girl. I have been paying attention to bionic design products for many years, bionic form, bionic color pattern, bionic sound, bionic function and bionic structure. 

Zoodey,Established in 2005, we at strive to offer the excellent bionic works,amazing items.

The collision of bionics and design can inspire our love for nature. Nature is full of endless inspiration, and excellent bionic works emerge in an endlessly, please come and enjoy it with me!