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Cute Animal Tortoise-Shaped Optical Mouse USB Wired Mouse

Cute Animal Tortoise-Shaped Optical Mouse USB Wired Mouse

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Installation is simple, plug and play.
Ergonomic design, comfortable holding, flexible operation, can effectively reduce fatigue.
Using the latest optical sensor technology, precise positioning, the resolution is 1200DPI.
Chip performance is stable, USB interface.
The mouse cord is thick copper core, strong and durable.
Power supply: USB powered computer.
The soft rubber handle surface design makes it comfortable to hold.
Very suitable for gamers, design cartographers, offices, white-collar workers, etc.


Name Desktop Mouse
Material:  Plastic
Color:  green, red
Features: wired, one scroll wheel,3 buttons
Resolution:  1200dpi
Interface:  USB 2.0
Connection method: wired
Supports  Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or later operating system
Dimension:  120x77x42mm
Shape:  turtle
Product weight: 65g

Package :
1 x wired mouse



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